How it all started

There are times when you hit a crossroads and when your life has to change, whether you want it or not.

You may have had or currently face one of those. Maybe it is your love life that exploded, the job that didn't fulfill you anymore, you had a burnout, or you relocated... Perhaps it was or is another massive change.

Well, it was all of the above, and it shook my world so much that I needed support big time! So on top of coaches and healers, I called my INVISIBLE GUIDES to the rescue...

And they answered!

Of course, they didn't show up on my doorstep and tell me straight what to do. After all, I had to learn!

Instead, they used the fact I started drawing again to express my emotions and feelings and my questions.

Surprisingly, I started to add notes or full texts on the side with each sketch or drawing. That is how the Drao Oracle deck began to take shape.

At some point, it was helping me so much that I thought it would be a pity not to share it further.

And you know what, if you also feel such a calling, follow it! It may take you some time and a learning curve, but the Drao Oracle was born after a crowdfunding campaign, and your project could take the same path.

Drao Oracle then started to have its own life and found people to connect with all over the globe, so much so that in 2023 I will likely print a second edition.

When art meets growth

The inspirations and connections I get when letting my hands take the lead of my creations or enter a meditative state supplement what I learned through life, Neurolinguistic Programming, Energy Healing, and various mentors.

It inspires and guides my coaching, mentoring, and creative process. I let the Universe or Guides' wisdom bring their medicine forth. After all, they know what they are doing way better than us and have capacities and understandings going beyond what we could even grasp as humans—therefore, I am happy to be a vessel to their medicine.

Then came the connection to Light Codes and language

But the adventure was only beginning. The more drawing I was doing, the more channeling I was getting, and that slowly opened my channels to what people call LIGHT LANGUAGE. I feel it more as the Creation or Universe language because sometimes I feel it coming from Mother Earth, the Vegetal Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and sometimes from somewhere in the Galaxy.

But beyond labels, it is a healing language that comes to me either in drawing or chanting. And I have been called to share more and more of them throughout time, so much so that I use them in my healing sessions and will soon launch a program to offer them to a broader audience.

If you are interested in their medicine, look up Light Code in the shop, as each artwork comes with the teaching I was getting when drawing them.

The creative process

First, I get a tingling between my shoulder and neck that tells me something needs to come out on paper or be written.

Sometimes I sketch some raw lines from a picture that pops in my head, but most of the time, I let movements create shapes and discover the image emerging while I draw.

It is like unfolding a story.
I use meditation to let my mind rest while I draw so that what needs to be shared comes as purely as possible.

My love affair with pastels

Even if I use different media and even draw on my iPad, my favorite medium remains the pastel chalk. It is raw, soft, sensual, and allows me to let both my hands dance on paper.

It is like immersing myself in the drawing through the softness of the chalk, and I must confess, my inner kid has a blast having colored hands at the end of creation.

Dry pastels reconnected me with the joy of drawing, and it is, to my eye, the perfect material to offer healing and beauty in the world.

Let me introduce you to my universe (and tell you more about my latest offers)

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