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Christel Mesey Art

ZOIKOS ORACLE - The ONLINE Experience - English OR French

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The Zoikos Oracle Online Experience is a living program evolving with time. It gives you exclusive access to the oracle deck from your phone, tablet, or computer to draw a card and access the inspirational quotes offered by each animal spirit.

The oracle deck contains 33 cards and each animal will share with you 3 wisdom to guide your reflection or steps.

In this program, I share inspirational understandings I integrated while connecting with the animals and tools or practices I use or felt called to create to support my clients.

The paper version of the oracle is still in its pre-printing stage, but you will have access to a special discount when registering for this program.



How do I access my program?
Once your order is completed, you will receive within the next 5 to 10 minutes a confirmation email from containing the link to the program and your login information.

To access the online experience you need to be able to connect to the internet from your mobile, laptop, or desktop.

Can I use the content in group settings?
No, it is for your consumption only. Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please contact the author out of respect for her work and the time and love put into crafting it, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.

Sharing your access
Out of respect for the author's work, the time and love she put into crafting it, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channeling, please refrain to share your credential. Should our system detect such abuse, your access will be revoked without reimbursement.

If you want to share the deck with a friend, you can always get them a special discount link (and get a token of appreciation in return) by using the shop reward program.

Refund policy
As the content is digital and you get direct access to the content, no refund is applicable.

The content should not be seen as medical advice.

You are responsible for your health and for the doctors and medicine you want to connect with.

The does not replace therapies.

The content does not interfere with any medical treatments.

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