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Regularly, I enjoy hosting meditation groups offering Light Language & Channeling around a theme suggested by my guides (& co-creators).

The groups are intentionally small to allow you to share in a safe container.

Each program happens live and is then available on replay to the participants. Their duration vary depending on the them and instruction from my guides, which allow us to enjoy the right energies at the right time.

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Hello, welcome to my universe

I am a serial creator. I am so multidimensional that I had to give up trying to describe myself and simply BE me (a work still in progress). When you step into my Universe, you will bump into Oracle Decks, Light Code Activations, and illustrations.

I birthed two oracle decks and various online programs supporting your mindset and energy expansion. I use my own experience and channelings to inspire my creations and expansion tools. This shop allows me to spread them and enabling you to bring good energy to your home or office and even to your clothes. 

My intuition guides my steps most of the time, and my main passion is to create tools to help humans connect with their essence and joy while growing their confidence and self-guidance.

Welcome to my universe, Christel.