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10 Keys that will help you to build or update your website.

When creating my Energy Practice website, I fell into the same trap as many practitioners, coaches, or therapists; I started to explain HOW I WORK rather than telling HOW I CAN HELP.

The other trap I bumped into during this WEBSITE CREATION was HOW TO LOOK PROFESSIONAL versus HOW TO CREATE TRUST.

Most of my clients fall into the same trap, and I won’t blame them because speaking about what you do is not easy for everyone, especially when starting in your field!

So to accelerate their learning curve and prepare them to work on their website with the right mindset, I recorded this mini-program. It helped them so much that I made it available to everyone.

So here is what you will explore with this program:

  • How to choose your provider
  • Thinking about your branding
  • Gathering the data you will need to create your website
  • Discover what works to shape your website
  • The importance of owning your voice
  • Mapping your Services
  • Structuring your site
  • Sharing the right amount of information
  • SEO basics
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